Injection steroids – how they are used in sports

Steroids in shots are special drugs that allow you to achieve better results after training. They are injected into the body in the form of injections. With us you can buy injectable steroid preparations from the most popular manufacturers.

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Injectable steroids and their features

Like any other anabolics, such substances help to burn subcutaneous fat, increase muscle mass, reduce the recovery time of the body, etc. Among the advantages of injectable drugs are:

  • minimal load on the liver (unlike pills);
  • increased intensity (many effective drugs are available only in the form of injections);
  • mild active substance, which is perfectly accepted by the human body;
  • Minimum number of side effects (but here it is important to properly compose a course);
  • a wide range of products (it is possible to find drugs for different purposes, there are substances with long-term and short-term action).

It is worth noting that the same drug – injectable and tablet (even with the same dosage) has different effects on the body. This should be taken into account before starting a course of steroids.

More about injectable steroids

Injectable preparations for gaining mass are steroids in the form of liquid or oily injectable composition, which are synthetic esters of testosterone that completely duplicate the action of the natural hormone.

A weight gain product significantly increases the content of anabolic hormones in the blood, which accelerates the synthesis of protein in the cells. The result is an intensive buildup of muscle mass and increased strength levels. Similarly to tablets, steroid injections also have an androgenic effect.

But in contrast to anabolic pills, steroid shots do not need to be applied frequently. On average, once every 1-2 days, depending on the length of the ester (enanthate, propionate, decanoate, etc.). Also, the solution does not come in contact with the mucosa and does not exacerbate GI problems if there is a history of them in athletes.

Often people have a negative attitude toward weight gain products, looking at the results of improper use by others. According to studies, when used correctly, 95% of people face no complications, and reversible side effects from steroid injections overtake only 4% of those who use them. The main rule is a strict dosage and a correct “exit” from the course.

You can also buy growth hormone injections in liquid form, which, when combined with conventional steroids, will produce an astonishing weight gain.

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